How is Bonviva® taken?

The recommended dose of Bonviva® for treatment is one 150 mg coated tablet, once a month. It should be taken preferably on the same day each month.

Bonviva® should be taken at least 60 minutes before the first solid or liquid meal of the day (except for water) or any other oral medication (including calcium supplements); water is the only drink that can accompany Bonviva®:

Each tablet must be swallowed whole along with a full glass of water. The patient should be sitting or standing, and remain so for one hour. The tablet should not be chewed or licked.

What if I forget to take Bonviva®?

If you forgot your monthly dose, take the tablet in the morning as soon as you remember, and then go back to your original date, since the recommendation is to keep the same date every month.

If you remember to take it 7 days or less before your next set monthly date, skip the dose and wait until then. Do not take 2 tablets within the same week.

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